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Aug 23, 2013 8:00pm EDT
. what to issue the march on washington? >> i could say the fact that i was born more concretely i felt there was no way for me not to be involved with the president has deemed the most important demonstration to free americans that has ever happened in this country. >> up until recently like most americans i have expressed my support of civil rights largely by talking about it at cost till parties i'm afraid that again many americans this summer, i could no longer pay only lip service to a guard that was so urgently write and edit time that is so urgently now. next author and journalist rick atkinson on booktv "in depth." he's the author of six books including his latest "the guns at last light" the final book of a three-part series known as "the liberation trilogy" which chronicles the allied forces victory in europe during world war ii. for the next three hours he talks about the trilogy and other events related to the war. >> host: rick atkinson what is "the liberation trilogy"? >> guest: it's a project i began 15 years ago and it's an account of the liberation of europe are taking
Aug 9, 2013 8:00pm EDT
. are you going release him or not? he called washington and he called paris and we whiled with him headed toward jamaica. him and his wife and american citizen, american born that had been abducted by the bush administration with the collaboration and involvement of power and condolezza rice. the congressional black caucus on all of these things. on the haiti issue as well as the south africa issue was soiltdly on the right side of the issue. >> host: what about the black political class in general as bruce mentioned in our call? >> guest: i think the -- the bigger problem -- the bigger problem is an american problem. and that is that most americans don't know very much about these issue. you -- we're justice not knowledgeable. you can't have a healthy democracy without a very enlightened citizen i are. i'm not sure that we know enough about what we are doing in the world. if we are generally well read enough. if we are connected to the out world in a way that would give us to believe that people on the outside see us differently than we see ourselves. they know in america we don't know.
Aug 10, 2013 9:00am EDT
who is a doctor in the washington area. my name is dr. pamela brand, a pediatric anesthesiologist at walter reed national military center in bethesda. my question is do you think you have become more jaded or more inspired over the past two decades? the reason i am asking this is you have become over the years a lot more vocal on your stands on issues. >> guest: i don't think i am either of those things. i am more concerned about what is going on and recognize that there is no purpose in curing the organism and then putting it back into a sick environment. sometimes people think physicians should stick to madison. i don't generally hear people say that about lawyers for some reason. they think physicians should stick to medicine and i am quick to point out five physicians signed the declaration of independence and were involved in the bill of rights, the u.s. constitution. there is no reason we cannot think outside the operating room or the clinic. in doing so and looking at what is going on i have become extraordinarily concerned and i think all citizens should be concerned and o
Aug 16, 2013 8:00pm EDT
're talking with author and columnist melanie phillips. matthew in silverdale, washington, please go ahead with your question or comment. matthew, you still with us? matthew is no longer with us. mark in kingston, new hampshire. >> caller: yes, hi, ms. phillips. you truly, truly are a brilliant person and a very, very interesting to listen to. and i find it difficult disagreeing with anything you say. however, i am a little bit concerned earlier in the program you said something about how while america has the history of slavery, of the institution of slavery where we don't have that in great britain, and i know you didn't mean that how it sounded. as you know better than i, at the time slavery, the institution took hold in this country, these were all british colonies, these were all british subjects. >> guest: ah. >> caller: let's look at india, the treatment of natives in india and black africa. britain is one of my idols. there's so many institutions in this country that are british, and this is not a knock. but let's just not forget because i know you didn't mean that how it sounded.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)